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Karate Instruction Bear

Arguably the most well-known martial art in the world, Karate is a striking based fighting style that does not include grappling in its training. Relying on keen focus and a firm center of gravity, Karate teaches you how to strike correctly but more importantly that you must understand the reason behind your strike.

The Philosophy behind the practice

Karate is far more than just a style of fighting. It is a way to understand oneself and the world. The word Karate can be understood in English as “empty hand.” Empty hand has two meanings within the discipline. 1) Referring to a practitioner’s ability to fight empty handed or without weapons. 2) Empty hand is interpreted as containing Japanese Zen principles. In this regard, the empty hand refers to a person holding onto nothing except the perfection of one’s self and art of the style. By being like a quiet valley where every sound can be heard a person can remove the selfishness and wickedness within themselves and become an exemplary and spiritually fulfilled individual.

In this sense karate is not a martial arts so much as it is a training path to spiritual knowledge. In fact, a founder of one of the first schools of karate, Gichin Funakoshi, thought that practitioners would have to use their training at most once in their lives. Except for an instance where you must defend yourself to avoid personal harm, all other situations should be resolved nonviolently.

Why study Karate?

At Karate Plus Family Center, we endeavor to not only impart the techniques of Karate but also its philosophy. True strength is not the ability to cause harm, but the ability to remain calm and resolute in the face of adversity.

When the people of Bear decide to learn karate with Karate Plus Family Center they will learn:

  • Self-control
  • Balance
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Concentration

If you live in the greater Bear area and are interested in taking a class with us then please feel free to contact us through phone or email. We look forward to training with you.


Our children’s Basic Program

Our curriculum is not just about punching and kicking. We are very concerned with the overall student’s well-being, health and education. Our methods of teaching along with curriculum has helped to develop thousands of kids into becoming achievers in life, as well as in the dojo (Karate school).

  • Our main focus is on promoting, non-violent resolutions to conflict. However, we do strongly believe every child must have the skills and ability to defend themselves and others if necessary along with the understanding of right from wrong.
  • Our students develop self-discipline and confidence to help them in all aspects of life.
  • All of our students are treated with respect and learn how to give that same respect back to others.
  • Our school environment is based on positive reinforcement. With our staff and parents working together as a team we can develop all of our students into confident and prosperous individuals at the karate school, at home, and at school.

Little Ninjas’ Program

(Ages 3 ½ to 6 yrs. Old)

We understand that younger students in this age bracket have a shorter attention span. Our classes for this age are fun, fast-moving, and are designed to improve the following areas:

  • Attention Span
  • Listening Skills
  • Motor Skills
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Body Posture
  • Respect
  • Comprehension
  • Coordination

Goals We Set – Are Goals We Get!


Adult Training Program

All levels from beginners to advanced level MARTIAL ARTISTS will be guided to achieve their personal best. Our goal is to provide adults with a training facility where they can work on their overall health, mental, physical, confidence, and self-discipline, while learning how to defend themselves all in a positive and safe environment.

For years now, adults of all ages and backgrounds have been enjoying the benefits of martial arts training. We treat all of our students with respect and are taught to treat others with respect as well.

Our goal is to work on the mind, body and spirit. Martial arts’ training reduces stress and helps people to achieve goals that are realistic and also challenging. Our students develop greater flexibility, greater strength and muscle tone, while reducing body fat and achieving a higher level of endurance and energy.

Students develop and learn better self-control and self-discipline to help them deal more efficiently with life’s challenges.

Our program is great for the overall person’s mind, body, and spirit! Our students enjoy a healthier life, which is challenging and great fun at the same time!

Success is the realization of goals!


"7 Magic Words"

  • NO SIR
Remember we use these words not just in karate but no matter where we are or who we are with.